Commercial & Industrial Roofing Systems

Typically commercial or industrial building structures are low slope (less than 3 inches of slope per foot) roofing systems which must remain watertight under demanding conditions such as slow drainage and substantial ice & snow accumulations.

Common Specified Commercial Roof Systems


Gates Roofing Company provides quotations and specifications which are first class applications and strictly adhere to the appropriate manufacturers installation details.  We diligently make every effort to provide & suggest a roofing system which can be expected to deliver the best value for the longest duration possible.

Replacing a roof system is a rather expensive proposition; and can be daunting to budget and finance.  Nothing could be more devastating than facing a premature roof system failure with no feasibility of prematurely re-financing another."

Key Considerations which should be evaluated prior to roof replacement:

We all would like to “buy the best” but often times we are forced to buy a system we can afford.  We can assist you with options and all the pertinent information to allow you to decide what “risk” you are willing to assume; when lesser costing specifications are employed there is an equal lesser performance which must be accepted and planned for.
Don’t allow yourself to be the sold on the misconception there is little tangible difference from one installer to another; our reputation in this community has been hard earned as a first class performer.

Please give us an opportunity to assist you with your next roofing system evaluation process.